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Update TELOS to become PhantomNode resistant - -625 Days Left

Update TELOS to become PhantomNode resistant

lately people created a tool to utilise an error present since 2017 in DASH code base and so in ALL Masternodecoins. These allows the creation of so called Phantom Nodes. Larger coins don't see this as threat because you still need the collateral to be present.. My personal opinion is that there is at least an ethical reason to prevent them. The main idea of getting 90% of a Blockreward is that you serve the network by providing a blockchain copy. These Phantom-Nodes do nothing.. they steal the hascode from an EXPLORER and send this as answer to peers to "spoof" being a Masternode. This has no negative impact on coin value.. maybe the value even increase as people can run tons of fake nodes... TELOS has close to 70% locked coins, so there is no threat .. but I dislike it if Masternode hosting services would run "FAKE" nodes just sucking on our network instead of serving... The problem is that if we beat them, we need to introduce a Mandatory Update -> enforcing everyone to update. We have 2 options: 1. We wait for the next regular update (next birthday ) and close our eyes like other coins do or 2. we introduce it now as very first coin ever on planet earth.. but need to fork again.

Voting Ends on: 11/15/2019

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