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Reward cuts ? Halving mechanism ? - -747 Days Left

Reward cuts ? Halving mechanism ?

This voting is a bit more complex so please read all options carefully before voting. If you are uncertain just contact us in public on discord. We have chooses to make Telos a Tiered Nodes Coin. The coins is going to be one year old in July so we target this date as perfect moment for all changes. One possible change could be the reduction of rewards per block. This can reduce the devaluation at times were the demand of telos goes down.. But! This is not a warranty against falling value at times.. You can never "enforce" the price going up. Also we should keep in mind that the TELOS is meant to be a payment coin for paying daily needs. Point of Sale support is coming, Vending machines are coming and you can use it as payment vehicle at kryptobay. This means.. the more the user base grows, the more the supply will be spreaded and the devaluating effect of new coins becomes less. If we come into a situation of exponential grow in number of users, we may even have not enough coins to spend them on high prices products.. check the Mercedes Benz S Class on kryptobay to understand this better. So this is are just a few things to keep in mind. Also other coins using a tiered nodes system pump more coins out than we. 1250 per Block at DIVI vs 200 at TELOS currently.. So we are not that bad. Read, drink a coffee or tea and than decide wise.. If you want to discuss options come to our discord.

Voting Ends on: 07/16/2019

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