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Shall we switch to Tiered Masternode System ? - -765 Days Left

Shall we switch to Tiered Masternode System ?

We ares soon getting 1 year old.. Birthday time and maybe time for a change. As PIVX is going to disable privacy temporarily and the legal future in times of terrorisms is uncertain I would suggest to move to non-privacy but tierd Masternode system. If you vote for Tiered Nodes, than you also agree to an non-privacy future of TELOS. All future Transactions will be publicly visible. Tier 1 Node = 1000 collateral (POSSIBLE REWARD 180 TELOS PER BLOCK) Tier 2 Node = 10000 collatera (POSSIBLE REWARD 1800 TELOS PER BLOCK) Tier 3 Node = 100000 collateral (POSSIBLE REWARD 18000 TELOS PER BLOCK) Attention ! Even if the Deadline for voting is set to 06/28/2019 (more for additional donation ; ) ) we will count all votes on 15th of May as decision deadline.

Voting Ends on: 06/28/2019

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1 Vote Equals 1 MN reward or 90 TELOS